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The journey for the Milewski family began nearly three years ago in March of 2015. They got a call from me asking them to consider accepting the placement of a foster child in their home who had been in the hospital since birth. The little boy was six weeks old and in the hospital’s pediatric ICU. After talking it over with her husband Don, Becky said, “Sure.”

Becky however had to go to the hospital for training in how to care for and address the child’s special needs, largely a result of maternal drug use during pregnancy. She was required to attend that training before he was discharged, but also made other visits. It’s just how Becky was and still is.

Well it’s hard to believe that over two months have passed by since the last blog post. The changes at OFY continue.

We are now a “foster-childless” agency. For the first time in 28 years, OFY has no children in our foster homes. As a matter of fact, OFY only has a few foster homes left that need to make a decision to transfer to another agency or close their license.

Our work with our Ohio International Adoptive families continues; meaning we are finishing up a few home studies and many post adoption reports that are coming due. Our International families are in the midst of making decisions about transferring to Hague-accredited Ohio agencies or closing their homes to adoption. Our hope is that most of this work will be completed by March of 2018.

This past week OFY has moved to a much smaller office. OUR NEW ADDRESS AND CONTACT INFORMATION ARE LISTED HERE:

Change…Not many people like it. Usually when it occurs it’s necessary, needed or it’s someone else’s idea. There has been a bunch of changes at Options for Families and Youth (OFY) and guess what? It’s because of me!

I have been in the human services field for 44 years now and have worked in the private child welfare sector partnering with public agencies. Those agencies have been charged with protecting children, teens and young adults who are dependent or have been abused or neglected.

Twenty-eight of those years have been with OFY, the non-profit founded by myself and my wife, Debbie. It’s been quite an experience and it’s time for a change.



First-time foster parents, who are also approved to be adoptive parents, learn very quickly when they receive their first foster child that there are ‘no guarantees.’ “No guarantees’ meaning the foster child placed in your home will be able to be adopted. Our preplacement training classes help prepare our foster parents for the hard work that lies ahead in fostering a child who is new to their family; who regularly visits their biological family members; who has the internal conflicts that go along with visiting their bio family and leaving them (usually weekly) and returning to their foster home. All that, in addition to the trauma that child has experienced through their initial placement away from their bio family and perhaps, abuse and neglect resulting from that bio family’s own issues. Our classes are intended to help prepare foster parents but they are no substitute for the actual experience of being a foster parent.

Options for Families and Youth is a Hague Accredited Adoption Service Provider for International Adoption. What exactly does that mean? Simply stated, it means that Options for Families and Youth is qualified to help families in Ohio with international home study and post placement adoption services. 

That is why families contact our agency. They are searching for an accredited adoption service provider that is qualified to provide them with the help they need throughout the adoption journey and beyond.   We listen and answer their questions when they call. We help to simplify the process and point families in the direction that they want to go. 

We received our Hague accreditation three years ago. This is the story of our first family who went from two to four…..     


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