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The beginning of April marked an important time in OFY history with the finalization of our first Domestic Adoption! OFY guided the Johnson Family through the adoption process, making the day of finalization special for everyone in attendance. Congratulations to the Johnsons!


For more information about OFY's other adoption programs visit our Ohio and U.S. Adoption page.

I was conducting a meeting recently with a group of our foster and adoptive parents. We try to hold a general meeting every six months or so to keep them in touch with what’s happening at OFY and it gives me a chance to “see them in the flesh.” I don’t often get to personally thank them for what they do for Cuyahoga County’s children and teens. They then have an opportunity to ask me questions and give me feedback on how we are supporting them.

Our agency has just finished up with two site inspections from two different overseeing organizations. Inspections are a ‘beautiful’ thing you know. They keep an organization in line and on their toes. When you’re running an agency and in the middle of a site inspection (or preparing for an upcoming one), it dominates your thoughts. I guess I should say, it dominates my thoughts.

We got through them both, but the final ‘verdict’ on how we faired won’t occur until weeks from now.

Orphan Sunday is November 2, 2014 nationwide and is recognized in many countries around the world.

I have been involved in the care of dependent, neglected and abused children by placing them in foster families (temporary places) and adoptive families (permanent places) for over 28 years now. I don’t often know how things turn out after the children leave our program.


Every once in a while I run across a foster or adoptive parent who is no longer with the agency. They are a little older…a little grayer…a bit more ‘careworn.’ It’s hard work being a parent, whether you are loving on and raising abused/neglected children or even your own children. Life these days seems more stressful than ever. I think about this often; daily as a matter of fact.



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