Adoptive Parents

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Adoptive parents at OFY are people who want to provide a permanent home for a child and to accept that child into their family (as if they were born into it). Since 1997, OFY has finalized the adoptions of over 320 children from Cuyahoga County. These children have a place they can call “home.”

Adoption services at OFY since 1997, have focused mainly on several areas: completing home studies (also known as “family assessments”) for people who want to become adoptive parents; helping to match families with children waiting to be adopted; placing children in adoptive homes; supervising the adjustment of that child in the new family environment; completing the adoption court packet; getting the case ready to take into court; filing the Petition To Adopt with Probate Court; and accompanying the child and family at the Adoption Finalization hearing where the adoption becomes legalized.

Adoptive parents can be:

  • Foster parents who have the opportunity to adopt the child/teen that they have been caring for in their home.
  • People who want to provide a permanent home for a child from the child welfare system that is currently living somewhere else (a ‘waiting child’).
  • People interested in children living in the United States whose biological parents give their child to an agency to find another family for him/her.

OFY has a great team of Assessors that can take you through the steps to become adoptive parents. Here at OFY in the past, we have focused on the adoption of:

  • Children/teens with special needs.
  • Youth that are in the child welfare system.
  • Children/teens that have been abused and neglected.

OFY is currently looking to recruit people who wish to adopt children domestically (in the U.S.).

See our ‘FAQs About OFY Adoption’ and ‘Private Domestic Adoption’ and ‘International Adoption’ pages for further information.

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