Well it’s hard to believe that over two months have passed by since the last blog post. The changes at OFY continue.

We are now a “foster-childless” agency. For the first time in 28 years, OFY has no children in our foster homes. As a matter of fact, OFY only has a few foster homes left that need to make a decision to transfer to another agency or close their license.

Our work with our Ohio International Adoptive families continues; meaning we are finishing up a few home studies and many post adoption reports that are coming due. Our International families are in the midst of making decisions about transferring to Hague-accredited Ohio agencies or closing their homes to adoption. Our hope is that most of this work will be completed by March of 2018.

This past week OFY has moved to a much smaller office. OUR NEW ADDRESS AND CONTACT INFORMATION ARE LISTED HERE:

Options for Families and Youth
11351 Pearl Road, Suite 103 A
Strongsville, Ohio 44149
Office: 440-268-8388
Fax: 216-267-7075
Mike’s Cell: 216-392-5460

Those of you calling the old number will still get a friendly voice answering who will be happy to give you the proper information to get in touch with our remaining staff: Mike or Debbie Rush; Ginger Heyneman; Doreen Anderson; and Megan Holmes.

There are also huge changes needing to be made to this website as much of what is currently here will be updated and rearranged. It’ll take some time, so bear with us as we pick away at it.

As for what’s in store for OFY in the next year or two, we plan on supporting non-profit organizations that provide services to children and families and fulfill our vision and mission both here and abroad.

Stay tuned for further updates. We’ll try to get it done sooner next time!

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