Foster Parents

Please read our blog post about the status of our Foster Care Program.


Chances are you already know a little bit about foster care, but in case you don’t, we’ll tell you. Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for children who can’t live with their own parents or relatives. The children who need foster care have been removed from their families by the County Department of Children and Family Services for a variety of reasons. These may stem from:

  • Abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional)
  • Neglect (not getting “the basics” of food, clothing, shelter, or medical care)
  • Dependency (there’s no appropriate caregiver in their extended family

Our goal is to reunite the child with their family or relatives whenever possible.

Being a foster parent is challenging; it’s not easy! OFY does whatever it takes to support our foster parents so that they can do a solid job of temporarily caring for a child. If you become a foster parent, your job will be to keep the children safe and help them grow and develop until they can return home again. OFY supports you by providing:

  • Training.
  • Meetings with you and the child frequently.
  • Access to very experienced staff for advice and guidance.
  • Counseling and psychological evaluations for the child.
  • Consults with our professional, clinical staff.

There are many foster care programs to choose from in the Greater Cleveland area. See Frequently Asked Questions and Meet Our Staff (we are experienced in the field) to learn why you should try us!

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