International Adoption Home Studies-What To Expect

A home study is the primary focus of the initial steps to adopting a child. 

Options for Families and Youth (OFY) is a COA accredited/Hague-approved adoption service provider in Ohio that is licensed to complete international home studies for prospective adoptive families in Ohio.  As such, we can complete the home study process for anyone interested in adopting a child from another country. 

It starts with paperwork, and more paperwork, and even more paperwork. 

It’s a process. 

We need to collect information and documentation about your family that is required by the country from which you want to adopt. 

This includes:

-          An Ohio Adoption Application:   (form number JFS 01691)

-          Authorization from applicants for OFY to check Child Abuse Registries

-          Background checks (BCI&I and FBI)

-          A Fire and Safety Inspection of your home

-          Financial statement and income verification

-          Certificates of marriage, divorce and birth

-          Physical examinations for all family members done by your physician

-          References from non-relatives, adult children and employers

All of this information is compiled into the home study document along with content from individual interviews, couple interviews, and interviews with all household members. 

A licensed adoption assessor employed by Options for Families and Youth keeps in touch with you throughout this process and helps you gather all of the necessary information.  This person also comes to your home, interviews you and your family and writes the actual home study document. 

The home study process includes prospective adoptive family training.  This is a Hague requirement. Some of the training is obtained via the web, and some is obtained in person.   Your adoption assessor will discuss the topics of training with you during the home study process. 

An international home study is specific to the child you desire to adopt and the country from which you will be adopting.   Options for Families and Youth in Cleveland, Ohio will adhere to the home study guidelines set forth by the placing agency of your choosing, Hague, COA and the state of Ohio.  

Options for Families and Youth is not a primary adoption service provider of international adoptions.  We are a COA Hague-approved adoption service provider of home studies and post placement adoption services to families residing in Ohio.  There are 184 COA Approved/Hague Accredited adoption service providers all over the United States. (   Options for Families and Youth in Ohio welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with an approved primary adoption service provider of your choosing.  We have collaborated with many Hague Accredited primary adoption service providers such as: A Love Beyond Borders, Adoption Avenues Agency, Across the World Adoptions, Adoption Related Services, Agape Adoptions, Bay Area Adoption Services, All Blessings International, Children's Hope Int'l, Children's House Int'l, CCAI, Cradle of Hope, Gladney, Children of All Nations/Great Wall China Adoption, Hand In Hand International Adoptions, Hands Across the Water, Hawaii International Child, Holt International, International Adoption Net, Int'l Child Foundation, Lifeline Children's Services, MLJ Adoptions, Nightlight, Promise Kids a Future, Small World, WACAP, WASATCH Int'l Adoptions and World Links.   

The international adoption home study is a big first step.  Once that is done, the home study will be submitted to your primary adoption service provider, to USCIS ( and the country from which you desire to adopt.       

All of this information may have overwhelmed you.  If it has, no need to worry. 

Options for Families and Youth has been serving adoptive and foster families in Ohio for 28 years.  We obtained our COA/Hague approval in 2013. 

Please contact us or give Mike or Ginger a call at Options for Families and Youth at 216-267-7070.  We want to help you through every step, one at a time.  We’ll start by getting to know you and answering your questions.   That way, we can guide you as you pursue your international adoption journey. 

We’re here to help and look forward to getting to know you and your family.  

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