Kids in Nature

The Haslinger Family Foundation has done it again! Funding our Kids In Nature (KIN) program was secured for yet another year for the summer of 2015. They continue to desire to give our young people an experience they don’t normally have.

 It is a great experience for children and teens to be outdoors in the woods away from video games, television or any electronic devices. KIN is focused on teaching our young people what being outdoors is all about: connecting with nature; ‘listening’ to how quiet and serene things can be; appreciating the creativity and design of things in nature that they find in the forest; building things; climbing rock ledges; negotiating a small creek; eating food cooked over a campfire; noticing the beauty of both large and tiny things, etc…


We are truly fortunate to have Carolyn Rames, a Montessori teacher with a ‘ton’ of experience working with a variety of young people as our program manager. She is returning for her third summer with us. Carolyn will be assisted by Barbara Starre, who owns the conservancy that the program takes place on.

We are very pleased to say that every young person who had participated over the past two years had positive comments about their experience.

This year’s program begins in June and will be held one day a week for 10 consecutive weeks from 10am to 3pm. There is excellent adult to child ratio with no more than 3 young people each time participating and being supervised by these two talented adults.


We’re looking forward to another productive summer of activity, learning and fun in the great outdoors.

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