Options for Families and Youth is a Hague Accredited Adoption Service Provider in Ohio

Options for Families and Youth, aka "OFY" is a non-profit adoption agency licensed in the state of Ohio by Job and Family Services to provide adoption services to families throughout the state of Ohio. OFY received its' official Hague/COA accreditation three years ago in 2013. Being Hague certified and COA accredited enables OFY to provide home study and post placement adoption services to families in Ohio who want to grow their families through international adoption.

In the past three years, Options for Families and Youth has had the pleasure of serving 63 families with their international home studies. Twenty-three orphaned children have already been adopted from other countries and have arrived home to Ohio with their forever families.

Options for Families and Youth provides adoption services to families from all over Ohio, including Cleveland, Westlake, Mentor, Akron and as far as Dayton and Cincinnati. Our licensed adoption assessors travel throughout the state of Ohio serving adoptive families face to face while the families' chosen primary adoption service providers, such as Holt International in Oregon and Gladney in Texas, offer adoption services around the world to orphans from Mexico, China, Kyrgyzstan, Haiti, Latvia, Ethiopia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Hungary and South Korea.

Many families select primary adoption service providers outside of the state of Ohio to assist them in adopting an orphan from a specific country where the agency has established a successful adoption program. Options for Families and Youth is licensed to provide adoptive parents in Ohio with the services they need to complete their children's international adoptions while working in collaboration with the child placing agencies.

Options for Families and Youth is committed to providing local, attentive service to our adoptive families in Ohio. Our staff gets to know the families personally and rejoices when orphaned children are adopted into families in Ohio through the international adoption process.

If you are considering international adoption and would like to talk with someone at Options for Families and Youth, please give Ginger or Mike a call at Options for Families and Youth @ 216-267-7070.

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