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Mike Rush, Executive Director of Options for Families and Youth (OFY) will be traveling to Uganda, East Africa in February/March, 2018 to personally reconnect with a variety of Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) leaders. Mike has met with and supported various Ugandan orphanages and those working in the field of orphan care for the past three years.

Options for Families and Youth (OFY) has continued to provide support for a number of non-profit organizations that serve children and families both here and abroad. Listed below are some of OFY’s more recent projects:

Child Welfare And Adoption Society (Nsambya Babies Home) – Provided funds for the purchase of supplies to help resettle (reunify) children with their biological families.

Tender Hearts Babies Home – Provided funds to help complete the purchase of an ambulance for the medical clinic of this home that cares for critically ill children needing dependable transport to a hospital in another city.

Arise and Shine Uganda - Provided funding to stock the shelves with food, medicine and clothing to care for the infants and children in this babies home.

Child Welfare And Adoption Society – Provided funds to purchase a refurbished van for the organization that is used in: resettlement and home visitation efforts; transporting children to hospitals; tracing relatives of abandoned children; and in general, case management work.

Drink Local, Drink Tap – Provided funding to this Cleveland non-profit for various projects in Ugandan schools, villages and refugee camps that resulted in: drilled bore holes that produced potable drinking water; water for bathing and washing clothes; construction of private, drainable latrines; private bathing areas for children and adults; and small portable toilets for toddlers.

30hearts – Provided funding for the construction of a small home on the organization’s property in Baco, Ethiopia that will house five children and their adoptive mother. The family, once self-sufficient, will then move off the property and into the community; turning the home over to the next adoptive mother and her five children.

OFY’s Board Of Trustees is committed to continue helping a number of non-profits and NGOs throughout our remaining, final year of existence.

If you wish to partner with us, please contact the OFY office at 440-268-8388 and ask for Mike Rush.

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