Preliminary Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in the Adoption Programs at Options for Families and Youth.  We know that your adoption process is a journey of the heart.  Finding the right team to guide you through the adoption process is a very important part of your journey. The staff at Options for Families and Youth recognizes the importance of choosing a team you feel comfortable with and we are committed to helping you navigate your way through this journey.

This Preliminary Adoption Application is a free, no obligation service to help us determine which program you are interested in and how we can best serve you.  Filing your Preliminary Adoption Application online is easy and secure.  We realize that some people may prefer to either talk to a staff member before completing the application or review the Preliminary Adoption Application on paper, so you may also call our office at 216-267-7070 to talk with one of our staff about either of these options.

Upon submission of the Preliminary Adoption Application below our staff will review your information and contact you to discuss the next steps in your adoption journey.

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