School and Dormitory

The construction of the school/dormitory at Shared Hope for Orphans (SHO) began in the fall of 2013. SHO only had enough funds to construct the walls of the building. The building will provide classrooms for the P-7 students and a dormitory for the children.

OFY has provided funds to SHO to help complete the school and dormitory. With the OFY funding six courses of brickwork have been added to the walls, timber has been purchased and used to support the roof, and 136 iron metal roofing sections have been installed. OFY is currently accepting donations to fund the laying of the concrete flooring and plastering of the exterior walls.



The new building at SHO is now complete and will provide a comfortable and safe space for children to sleep at night.  It will also be used as a classroom during the day. The completion of this large building has been very beneficial to the children's standard of living.


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