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We thought we’d tell you a little bit about our staff, since they are the people you’ll be talking to and working with


Executive Director

Michael RushMichael D Rush, LISW-S

Employed at OFY since: 1989
In Human Services Since: 1973

Our Executive Director casts the agency’s vision and mission, oversees the entire operation, and creates policies and procedures. He assures that OFY stays compliant with state regulations, keeps the agency fiscally solvent and supervises and manages programming offered by OFY.

Cofounder of OFY; Administration, supervision and management, case management in foster care; individual and group counseling, child welfare trainer; family therapist; child care worker, intake, supervisor, program director and social services director in residential treatment center; administrator, outreach worker in residential treatment center. Licensed Independent Social Worker-Supervisor.

Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University (Graduate School), Degree: Psychology, Philosophy, Social Work.

Assistant Director

Ginger HeynemanGinger Heyneman, LSW

Employed at OFY since: 1990
In Human Services Since: 1979

Our Assistant Director is a professionally-trained individual who is the “back-up” to the Executive Director in running OFY. She provides leadership, establishes internal procedures, performs quality control, and works with families in problem-solving and trouble-shooting. She also performs supervision of selected staff.

Grant writing; public relations, quality assurance and improvement; domestic and international adoptions; foster care case management, recertification and training; child welfare caseworker; program development; pregnancy prevention education; early childhood development. Management and Administration in Help Me Grow. Licensed Social Worker and Certified Adoption Assessor.

Bluffton College, Degree: Social Work; Sociology; Psychology.


Financial Manager

Stephanie Kingsley

Employed at OFY since: 2003
In Human Services since: 2001

Our Financial Manager develops and controls the agency’s budget and expenditures. She creates invoices for our services, pays the bills and handles payments to staff and foster parents. She also completes the agency’s financial paperwork, which is necessary to be in compliance with the government.

Completion of invoices, payment of accounts receivable, payments to staff and foster parents, record keeping, etc. Former OFY Financial Assistant

Bluffton College

Financial Assistant

Debbie Rush

Employed at OFY since: 1989
In Human Services since: 1979

Our Financial Assistant works along with the Finance Manager and assures the timely completion of invoices, payment of accounts receivable, payments to staff and foster parents and a variety of internal record-keeping activities.

Cofounder of OFY; accounting, bookkeeping; payroll; accounts receivable and payable; personnel officer; intake assistant in social services agency, clerical work. Former OFY Financial Manager.

University of Dayton


Foster Care Case Managers

Foster Care Case Managers are professionally-trained and visit and talk with you and the foster children in your home on a regular basis. They are in charge of the OFY Treatment Team. This team organizes a plan for you and your foster child so they will grow and develop while you care for them.


Randy Devney, LSW

Employed at OFY since: November 1990
In Human Services since: 1984

Foster care case management; child care worker, shift supervisor and program director in residential treatment center. Licensed Social Worker.

Baldwin Wallace University, Degree: Human Services.


Kate Kelly, LSW

Employed at OFY since: January 2016
In Human Services since: 1999

Foster care case management, Adoption Assessor, licensing for on-going foster parents. Licensed Social Worker

Cleveland State University, Degree: Social Work


Janice Smith, LCDC II

Employed at OFY since: April 1991
In Human Services since: 1982

Foster care case management; child care worker, shift supervisor in residential treatment center; administrator and instructor at Karate Institute. LCDC II.

Cuyahoga Community College, Northern Michigan University, Degree: Social Services.


John Uhlir, LSW

Employed at OFY since: December 1993
In Human Services since: 1991

Foster care case management, caseworker in county child welfare system and worked as an Ongoing Social Worker for CCDCFS. Licensed Social Worker

Cleveland State University, Degree: Psychology


Case Aid

Steven Lockhart

Employed at OFY since: November 2015
In Human Services since: 2015

Case Aids help OFY foster parents or case managers get children to visits with their biological family and to counseling and therapy appointments.

Developed a non-profit community resource center that assists families and children with needed resources, ex. education, retiring citizens, drug & alcohol abuse, etc., a domestic violence advocate.

Control Data Institute: Computer Technology; Spirit of Truth Institute: Doctorate of Christian Ed.


Assessors are professionally-trained staff who will come to your home and interview you. They will complete a “home study” (also known as a “family assessment”). You must have a home study completed by a certified assessor to become licensed as a foster parent or to be approved as an adoptive parent. Our Assessors are:

Michael Rush, LISW-S
Ginger Heyneman, LSW
Doreen Anderson, LSW

Doreen Anderson, LSW

Employed at OFY since: 2006-2012, June 2015-current
In Human Services since: 1992

Family Advocate, Foster Care Coordinator, Help Me Grow Service Coordinator, Licensed Social Worker.

Capital University: Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in Social Work.

Administrative Support Staff

Administrative Support Staff are the people who often talk to you first when you call the office and direct your call to the right person. They are the ones that really make OFY run smoothly by keeping track of, organizing, and maintaining all the work done by everyone else.


Megan Holmes

Employed at OFY since: May 2007
In Human Services since: 2007

Data Entry Specialist, updates foster care training hours for foster parent licensing, social media and website associate, Notary Public.

Baldwin-Wallace College, Degree: Theatre


Meghan Brenders

Employed at OFY since: July 2015
In Human Services since: 2015

Office management, maintains foster care records, answers phones and performs general office duties.

Avon Lake High School

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