What Type of Adoption is for You?

So, you’re thinking about adoption.   What a beautiful and wonderful experience it will be to welcome a child into your family who is in need of a forever family. 

Maybe you heard about adoption in church…..  

Maybe you know someone who has adopted….

Maybe you are facing infertility and really want to be parents….

Whatever the case may be, God has laid adoption on your heart.  You may be wondering, “Now where to start?”  

Good question. 

Most people start on the internet and talking with people they know who have adopted. 

Then the questions begin:

·         What are the types of adoption?

·         What is the cost of adopting a child?

·         How long does it take?

·         Which agency should we contact?

·         What questions should we ask?

The list can go on and on. 

Hopefully, this post will provide some user-friendly, brief answers to some of your initial questions.

Types of adoption:  In Ohio, there are three types of adoption.  

·         International Adoption:  International adoptions are typically “closed adoptions” in the sense that families don’t usually get to meet biological parents.   Ensuring the safety and security of orphaned children is the #1 priority.  The United States Department of State instituted the Council on Accreditation to oversee licensing of all international adoption service providers. (http://coanet.org/accreditation/hague-accreditation-and-approval/guide-to-finding-an-adoption-service-provider/)  All adoption service providers in the U.S. adhere to Hague regulations which provide a framework of ethical standards.  Prior to adoption, these children have been declared “abandoned” and reside with a foster family or in an orphanage in their country of origin.

·         Domestic Infant Adoption:  This is also called “private adoption.”  Biological parents choose this type of adoption for their children, typically while pregnant.  This is commonly referred to as “open adoption” because the adoptive parents have the opportunity to meet the biological parents, aka “birth parents.”  Adoptive parents pay for all of the adoption services that the agency provides to the biological parents and to the adoptive parents.  

·         Foster to Adopt/Public Adoption:  Public adoption is paid for with county, state and/or federal funding.  The goal is to place foster children in permanent homes.  These children range in age from infant to 18 years.  Most commonly, the children are over the age of 6 years.  There is usually no contact with biological parents.  (aka closed adoption) 

Options for Families and Youth is a Hague accredited adoption service provider that is also licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.  As such, in Ohio, we facilitate all types of adoption.

We would love to talk with you about your desire to adopt.  Give Mike or Ginger a call @ 216-267-7070.  At Options for Families and Youth, we like to take the time to get to know you and your family.  That way, we’ll work with you through the experience of growing your family through adoption.  May God bless you as you begin your journey.        

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